Estimation of Long-Term Climatic Change in Japan

前田 彩夏, 大河内 康正
2015 Research Reports Of National Institute Of Technology (KOSEN), Kumamoto College  
In this study, using AMeDAS and meteorological observatories data at 840 locations in total, the most recent tendency of the climate change in Japan area is analyzed. In order to estimate the tendency of climate about 30 -100 years, we consider the quality of AMeDAS data of the recent 36 years and analyze the amount of precipitations, the temperatures, and the annual daylight hours. As a result, global warming is detected over the area, the rising rate of the annual average temperature in Japan
more » ... is about 3.13 ℃ per 100 years. It should be consider that the high temperature rising rate in urban areas affects the rising rate of the temperatures in Japan area. The changes in detect intervals, observational sites and meteorological devises should be taken into consideration for estimating the long-term climatic change. キーワード:地球温暖化,日本の気候変化,観測値の信頼性 Keywords:global warming, climatic change in Japan area, confidence of data
doi:10.50835/kumako.6.0_28 fatcat:o5yygmirarcmjptzsatmve5jvm