Weak convergence of the function-indexed integrated periodogram for infinite variance processes

Sami Umut Can, Thomas Mikosch, Gennady Samorodnitsky
2010 Bernoulli  
In this paper, we study the weak convergence of the integrated periodogram indexed by classes of functions for linear processes with symmetric $\alpha$-stable innovations. Under suitable summability conditions on the series of the Fourier coefficients of the index functions, we show that the weak limits constitute $\alpha$-stable processes which have representations as infinite Fourier series with i.i.d. $\alpha$-stable coefficients. The cases $\alpha\in(0,1)$ and $\alpha\in[1,2)$ are dealt
more » ... 1,2)$ are dealt with by rather different methods and under different assumptions on the classes of functions. For example, in contrast to the case $\alpha\in(0,1)$, entropy conditions are needed for $\alpha\in[1,2)$ to ensure the tightness of the sequence of integrated periodograms indexed by functions. The results of this paper are of additional interest since they provide limit results for infinite mean random quadratic forms with particular Toeplitz coefficient matrices.
doi:10.3150/10-bej253 fatcat:tuxdd47gfjcqlityz7rs44dam4