Review on the Effects of Increased Social Media Use on Depressive Symptoms in Adolescents

Aqsa Zahid
2021 UTSC's Journal of Natural Sciences  
Social media (SM) allow individuals to connect with one another through online networking. SM has its benefits in regard to knowledge accumulation and effective communication with all persons at the global scale. However, increased use of SM can have detrimental effects among the adolescent population, specifically in terms of their mental health status. The purpose of the present review is to examine the literature in terms of the influence of increased SM use on the rates of depressive
more » ... f depressive symptoms found in adolescents. During this review, approximately 40 articles were initially reviewed to examine whether or not they meet the primary evidence base criteria for the present literature review. The primary evidence base has been defined as follows: primary research articles published after 2015 in which DS in adolescents who use SM are examined. Based on these criteria, seven articles were located and reviewed. Overall, it has been generally found that an increase in SM use is associated with an increase in rates of depressive symptoms (DS) in adolescents. This finding is crucial as it brings forth the notion that SM may have a strong correlation with DS in a large percentage of adolescents globally. Hence, psychological experts (e.g. therapists, psychologists, clinical psychologists, psychiatrists) should consider investigating SM use levels from their clients prior to applying therapeutic interventions.
doi:10.33137/jns.v2i1.34904 fatcat:xubh4comt5dt5k7aigdl4wtpmy