Phytochemical composition and gastroprotective effect of Feijoa sellowiana Berg fruits from Sicily

2014 Journal of Coastal Life Medicine  
Objective: To assess the fruit of Feijoa sellowiana Berg var. coolidge and gorgiona, cultured in Sicily, for its gastroprotective effect, in association with performing phytochemical evaluation. Methods: By means of HPLC, vitamin E complex and polyphenol compounds were determined. The gastroprotective effect was investigated on ethanol-induced ulcers in rats, with sucralfate as reference drug. Samples of gastric mucosae, stained by periodic acid-Shiff and haematoxylin/ eosin, were observed by
more » ... ght microscopy. Results: In pulp and peel samples of both varieties of fruit α, β and γ tocopherols were identified, while δ was only in var. coolidge. In whole fruit of two varieties, catechin, eriodictyol, eriocitrin, pyrocatechol, quercetin, rutin, ellagic, gallic and syringic acid were determined. The fruit showed gastroprotective effect (ulcer index: var. coolidge=1.07, var. gorgiona=1.02). The efficacy was comparable to that of sucralfate (ulcer index 1.10). Histological examination confirmed the inhibition of ulcerogenic activity of the ethanol. Conclusions: Active principles of Feijoa sellowiana can play an important role in human diet and show beneficial effects on various diseases, particularly those caused by oxidative processes resulting in cell damage. The amount of polyphenols and vitamin E complex confirms the nutritional value of this fruit, grown in pedoclimatic condition very different from the origin area. Peer reviewer Prof. Olga Tzakou, Department of P h a r m a c o g n o s y a n d C h e m i s t r y o f N a t u r a l P r o d u c t s ,
doi:10.12980/jclm.2.2014j12 fatcat:i2huwyaj4rc23otoexyveqzsxe