GSM Based Electricity Theft Detection using Arduino

L Hinduja, M Nivedha, B Priyavadhana, B Premalatha
2018 unpublished
Every year there is increasing number of electricity thefts across domestic electricity connection as well as industrial electricity supply. If the electricity is illegally used it will affect the economic status of the country. The planning for distribution and production of electrical energy may be difficult in case of unrecorded energy usage. The project's aim is to design a system which is used to detect and eliminate the power theft in transmission lines using current sensor and GSM
more » ... nsor and GSM module. There is a problem with the rural areas where the wired system is difficult to transfer the information on electricity theft to the supplier. A wireless technique, GSM has high efficiency and larger range of communication compared to Bluetooth, infrared etc. that are with the limitations of range and less efficiency. In this project Arduino is used to detect power theft and to send the command to GSM module to send the theft information message in this project. The implementation of this system will save large amount of electricity.