Development of a new mold oscillation mode for high-speed continuous casting of steel slabs

Mikio Suzuki, Hideaki Mizukami, Toru Kitagawa, Kiminari Kawakami, Shigetaka Uchida, Yoshimi Komatsu
1991 ISIJ International  
High-speed oontinuous casting is a prerequisite for the successful operation of hot direct rolling (HDR). However, as casting speed increases, breakout caused by solidified shell sticking tends to occur. It is therefore necessary to reduce the frictional force betweenthe mold and the solidified shell in order to prevent shell sticking in high-speed casting, The lubrication mechanism in the mold was analyzed, and the results led to the establishment of a new mold oscillation modewhich reduces
more » ... odewhich reduces frictional force. This ofters an oscillation movement wherethe time of upwardmotion of the mold is longer than that of downwardmotion in a single oscillating cycle. The eftect of this new modeon the reduction of the frictional force was ascertained by casting tests using an experimental continuous caster. On the basis of fundamental studies the new mold oscillation modehas been utilized in the No. 5 slab caster at NKK FukuyamaWorks. Plant tests confirmed that the new mode is more eftective in reducing frictional force than the sinusoidal mode. A high-speed casting of 3.0 m/min has been successfully achieved with this new mold oscillation mode. No difference in the surface quality of slabs could be observed betweencasting with the sinusoidal mold oscillation and this new mode.
doi:10.2355/isijinternational.31.254 fatcat:rfgo364sfjatff2nkztmttizpi