Tracking Control via Robust Dynamic Surface Control for Hypersonic Vehicles with Input Saturation and Mismatched Uncertainties

Jingguang Sun, Shenmin Song, Guanqun Wu
2017 International Journal of Innovative Computing, Information and Control  
This thesis investigates the tracking control problem of hypersonic vehicles subject to mismatched uncertainties and input saturation. Firstly, the feedback linearization for longitudinal model of hypersonic vehicles is reasonably decomposed into two subsystems that include velocity and altitude subsystem. Secondly, for these two subsystems, an anti-saturation robust dynamic surface controller is designed using the auxiliary system and dynamic surface control (DSC) technique with compensating
more » ... gnals, respectively. The controllers can not only avoid the "explosion of complexity" in the backstepping design, but also remove the effect of the error caused by the first-order filter. Finally, Lyapunov theory is used to prove the stability of the designed controller strictly, and the numerical simulations of the longitudinal model of the hypersonic vehicles are carried out, which further demonstrate the robustness of the designed control scheme.
doi:10.24507/ijicic.13.06.2067 fatcat:2k6qzlqvbfckfp3kcfyzhptjny