Influence of parenting style on the academic performance of middle school students

María José Domínguez, Montserrat Guasch
2014 REMIE : Multidisciplinary Journal of Educational Research  
Students who don't succeed in school are a persistent problem in our educational system. This fact shows that all the efforts to reduce this problem are not succeeding. One third of our students are left behind by the educational system; their results are discouraging. The measures to fight the academic failure are not working and that we have to put into practice new ways of analysis and treatment of this problem. This research explores the relationship between the way children perceive the
more » ... enting style of their parents and his o her own academic performance. In the intersection of both phenomena we find our hypothesis: the way parents socialise their children influences significantly on their academic performance. This research is orientated to decision taking process: the aim is to define the level of influence of the parenting style on academic outcomes. The main result is that parents acceptation/implication appears to be significantly linked to the school performance (this evidence shows a big area for new researches: the family). Our research confirms and frames the correlation between these two variables and underlies the family as a new scenario of pedagogical concern to explain and treat school failure.
doi:10.4471/remie.2014.10 doaj:bc7b53257ef6497caba709b52d5f2cfe fatcat:saqkh5qapbcknax74qpncwpepe