Aggregate consumption spending, the stock market and asymmetric error correction

Lonnie K Stevans
2004 Quantitative finance (Print)  
In this study, we show how changes in wealth resulting from unanticipated changes in the value of equity holdings begin a process whereby households alter consumption growth in order to close the gap between actual and target spending. Because of changing uncertainty or equity price volatility over the stock market cycle, we found the time path of this adjustment to exhibit near-random walk behaviour during stock market downturns. Conversely, during 'boom' periods, e.g. when the value of
more » ... s held by households was greater than the threshold, the growth in consumer spending was quick to eliminate the disparity between actual and target spending.
doi:10.1080/14697680400000023 fatcat:yfn7hxo52jehriw666embz3a4i