Florogenesis value of hybrids
Флорогенетическое значение гибридов

B.S. Kharitontsev, Tobolsk complex scientific station (Russia, Tobolsk)
2020 Proceedings of the VII International Scientific Conference, dedicated to the 135th anniversary of the P.N. Krylov Herbarium of Tomsk State University and the 170th anniversary of P.N. Krylov   unpublished
Hybrids are known for all types of higher plants. They differ in the size of their habitats and ecological modes of growth. Analysis of these parameters allows us to determine the time of their occurrence and characterize individual moments of florogenesis of territories where hybrids originated.
doi:10.17223/978-5-94621-927-3-2020-43 fatcat:5mbwd3w2uzb47jhl2csyf34z3i