Associating Use of Digital Technology and Self-Reported Health Problems among College Going Students in Delhi-NCR, India

Sheetal Bawnoo Handoo, Richa Rathor
2020 International Healthcare Research Journal  
INTRODUCTION: The increased use of digital media among college students has the tendency to cause various health problems based on the duration and medium used. AIM: To assess the use of digital technology and self- reported health problems among college going students in Delhi-NCR, IndiaMATERIALS AND METHODS: Data was collected using a pre-tested and pre-validated questionnaire which was divided into three sections. The first section contained seven questions regarding demographic details, the
more » ... raphic details, the second contained three questions regarding the device used, hours spent and the type of media assessed, while the third contained twelve questions regarding self-reported adverse events while accessing digital media. Statistical tests involved the Shapiro-Wilk test, Independent samples t-test, multivariate linear regression and the Pearson's correlation coefficient. The analysis was done using SPSS version 19.0.RESULTS: Responses of 717 students were included in the final analysis. Most of the students were between 17-19 years (53.9%), the primary device used was smartphone (91.8%). Most students used their device for >1-4 hours (34.6%). The most common self-reported symptom was back and/or neck pain (18.4%) followed by sleep issues/ insomnia (17.7%) and headache (17.3). Multiple linear regression model revealed that good knowledge scores were significantly associated with age(p = 0.04) and the duration of device used (p = 0.02). A positive, linear, great strength of association (r: +0.747) and a significant relationship (p = 0.037) was found between self-reported health problems and the hours of device usage. CONCLUSION: It is advised that college students be advised regarding the ill effects of digital medium without taking proper precautions.
doi:10.26440/ihrj/0402.05175 fatcat:75h6pgiu7fc4zenhu2wabjx334