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1875 BMJ (Clinical Research Edition)  
Jan. 30, I875.] Ill? PPITISJI Ml?DICAL ORATAL. 143 again. My thanks are due to Dr. Ringer, whose presence and kindness greatly relieved my anxiety. We have undoutbtedly in jaborandi a drug which produces a marked physiological action; how far it will prove useful therapeutically in cases of fever, diabetes, and other diseases, remains to be seen. A drachm dose of the last received is no doubt excessive, that is, if the whole be swvallowed. The strained infusion, from what I hear, produces but
more » ... ttle effect. M. Robin (see -Londonzizledical Recordel, December i6th) gives an account of the results of his researches inl AI. Gubler's wards in Paris, but no mention is macle of its peculiar action upon the vision, which, so far as I am aware, has niot been previously noted. THERAPEUTIC USE OF NITRITE OF ANIYL.-Dr. Fuckel recommenids the use of nitrite of amyl in cardialgia, in an article in the DenitscAes Ar-chivfiir-A7Iiniische Al7edicin, I874. In all cases not complicated with gastric ulcer, the inhalation of a few drops was followed by the disappearance of the pain in a few minutes. The pain, it is true, sometimes returned inl half an hour or later ; but it was less severe, and always ceased on another application of the remedy. The author also met with nearly equally satisfactory results in the neuralgic disorders accompanying menstruation. He also relates a case of so-called rheumatic tetanus, in w1hich the attacks ceased after the inhalation, three ti mes daily, of too drops of the nitrite of amyl. -Cenh-albZlal zztrdlie A/ed. JfVisscnschs., No. 57, I874.
doi:10.1136/bmj.1.735.143 fatcat:7uknppweefffxlrmve5rcukpzm