Investigating Precipitation Extreme and Ardebil Temperature Behavior by Statistical Tests

Farideh Shokri
One of the natural disasters that threatens our country and every year billions of Rials damage to agricultural land and areas of natural resources and infrastructures, such as bridges, canals, dams, etc. makes, floods that usually associated with the occurrence of heavy rainfall. The aim of this study was to investigate the behavior of precipitation extreme precipitation and temperature with the help of statistical tests is Ardabil. Two measures atmospheric temperature and precipitation are
more » ... recipitation are the most important elements for identification and analysis of climate change identified by research centers and researchers used climate change. For this purpose, the daily data of precipitation, temperature minimum (night) and the maximum daily synoptic stations during the period 1965 to 2015 is Ardabil. The research team identified profiles are presented of climate change and climate change profiles (ETCCDI) was used to analyze the events and climate change. As impressive 12 profiles 20 profile 22 profiles of the precipitation extreme temperature and precipitation extreme of precipitation. For information about events, climate change, statistical analysis has been used by the World Meteorological Organization.