A Carotid Body Tumor Mimicking a Thyroid Nodule

2014 Journal of Medical Cases  
Paragangliomas (PGLs) are neuroendocrine tumors arising from the extra-adrenal chromaffin tissue of the autonomic nervous system. They are most frequently found in the head and neck, mainly associated with the carotid body, vagus nerve, jugulotympanic paraganglia, and occasionaly, the superior-inferior paraganglia. Paragangliomas are rarely encountered in thyroid as well, and thyroid paragangliomas can be misinterpreted as medullary thyroid carcinomas. However, cases of paragangliomas mimicking
more » ... thyroid nodules were also reported in literature rarely. In this article, we reported a case first giving an impression of a thyroid nodule, then suggesting the likelihood of a medullary thyroid carcinoma or intrathyroidal paraganglioma via core needle biopsy, but finally was diagnosed as a carotid body tumor.
doi:10.14740/jmc1966e fatcat:vjnnhvejkrcb7ah7qyrj2g2jk4