A Robust Real-Time 3D Reconstruction Method for Mixed Reality Telepresence

Fazliaty Edora Fadzli, Ajune Wanis Ismail
2020 International Journal of Innovative Computing  
Mixed Reality (MR) is a technology which enable to bring a virtual element into the real-world environment. MR intends to improve reality on the virtual world immerse onto real-world space. Occasionally the MR has been improved as the display technologies advanced progressively. In MR collaborative interface context, the local and remote user work together on collaborative task while sense the immersive environment in the cooperative application. User telepresence is an immersive telepresence,
more » ... here the reconstruction of a human appears in a real-life. Up till now, producing full telepresence of the life-size human body may require a high transmission bandwidth of the internet. Therefore, this paper explores on a robust real-time 3D reconstruction method for MR telepresence. This paper discusses the previous works on the reconstruction method of a full-body human and the existing research works that have proposed the reconstruction methods for telepresence. Besides the 3D reconstruction method, this paper also enlightens our recent finding on the MR framework to transport a full-body human from a local location to a remote location. The MR telepresence will be discussed, as well as the robust 3D reconstruction method which has been implemented with user telepresence feature where the user experiences an accurate 3D representation of a remote person. The paper ends with the discussion and results, MR telepresence with robust 3D reconstruction method to execute user telepresence.
doi:10.11113/ijic.v10n2.265 fatcat:mjk65liwtbfrfpzork3ggsxbeu