Tenzing: documenting contributorship using CRediT [post]

Alex O. Holcombe, Marton Kovacs, Frederik Aust, Balazs Aczel
2020 unpublished
Scholars traditionally receive career credit for a paper based on where in the author list they appear, but position in an author list often carries little information about what the contribution of each researcher was. "Contributorship" refers to a movement to formally document the nature of each researcher's contribution to a project. We discuss the emerging CRediT standard for documenting contributions and describe a web-based app and R package, tenzing, that is designed to facilitate its
more » ... . tenzing can make it easier for researchers on a project to plan and record their planned contributions and to document those contributions in a journal article.
doi:10.31222/osf.io/b6ywe fatcat:adjc37wsg5bzrporsnyngyc6qu