Robust MIMO Design of Decentralized Voltage Controllers of PV Systems in Distribution Networks

Giuseppe Fusco, Mario Russo
2017 IEEE transactions on industrial electronics (1982. Print)  
In modern distribution systems, the presence of an increasing amount of Distributed Generation (DG) systems causes over-/under-voltage problems, due to the reverse power flows. To face these problems, the voltage-reactive power droop controllers of DG systems are commonly used for their simplicity and are required by international standards. On the other hand, the interaction among voltage droop controllers of different DG systems may introduce instability. The paper presents an effective
more » ... an effective procedure to determine the droop constants of voltage-reactive power controllers for multiple DG systems. Firstly, a multi-input multi-output model of the distribution system is introduced. Then, using the concept of the interaction measure under decentralized control, a simple constraint is added to the single-input single-output design of each droop controller. Such a constraint guarantees stability with respect to the interaction among the voltage droop controllers of all the DG systems. Eventually, the proposed procedure is applied to an LV test system with 24 nodes and six photovoltaic systems; the results of numerical simulations are presented, giving evidence of the effectiveness of the proposed procedure in various operating conditions of the distribution system.
doi:10.1109/tie.2017.2652386 fatcat:3no7ujxqsjdhfnxiayaxxbgxpe