Reaction of Partially Hydrolyzed Products of Saligenin Cyclic Phosphorus Esters Toward SH-Compcunds

Hideo Ohkawa, Shigeaki Maruo, Morifusa Eto
1972 Journal of the Faculty of Agriculture Kyushu University  
In order to know the mechanism for the alkylation of mercaptans and for the inhibition of "SH-enzymes" with saligenin cyclic phosphorus esters, a possible intermediate, that is a ring-opened salicyl ester, and related compounds including saligenin cyclic hydrogen phosphate were synthesized and their reactions with cysteine and yeast alcohol dehydrogenase were investigated. Besides neutral saligenin cyclic esters, only salicyl ester was active as alkylating agent and SH-enzyme inhibitor.
doi:10.5109/22814 fatcat:xhmotba54nb2zlx7lu2dcv3ehi