DS 11.3: Additional seismogram examples at distances beyond 100°

Klaus Klinge, Siegfried Wendt, Peter Bormann, Peter Bormann
Note: Most of the examples given below show either records of the German Regional Seismic Network (GRSN; aperture about 500 x 800 km) or of the Gräfenberg broadband array (GRF; aperture 45 x 110 km; see Figs. 8.14 and 9.4 in the manual Chapters 8 and 9, respectively). The following abbreviations have been used: OT -origin time in UT (universal time), D -epicentral distance in degrees, BAZ -backazimuth in degrees, h -focal depth in kilometer.
doi:10.2312/gfz.nmsop-2_ds_11.3 fatcat:7ypygjqtqfeldiwngq7zgnueay