Construction of the Izdiwajiy Method and Its Application in Tafsir Al-Hidayah

Muh. Hamdan Syakirin, Andri Nirwana AN, Ainur Rhain
2022 Advances in Social Science, Education and Humanities Research   unpublished
The development of interpretation methodology from the time of salaf to contemporary produces various methods, such as tahlili, ijmali, muqarran, and maudhu'i methods. New methods are constantly emerging and evolving from the shortcomings of previous methods in answering new problems and problems at every age, as well as the izdiwajiy method. The izdiwajiy method appears through Tafsir Al-Hidayah made by Sa'ad Abdul Wahid and is a collection of interpretations in Muhammadiyah Voice magazine.
more » ... problem that has to be solved in this study is the construction of the izdiwajiy method and its application in Tafsir Al-Hidayah. To solve the problem, researchers used descriptive analysis methods. The primary data source of this study is Sa'ad Abdul Wahid's tafsir work Tafsir Al-Hidayah which consists of several volumes and the secondary source is another Sa'ad work as well as several books and journals indexed on scopus. The results of this study discuss the construction of the izdiwajiy method and its application in Tafsir Al-Hidayah. The construction of the izdiwajiy method was built on the theory of innovation. The izdiwajiy method is formed by taking the same themed verses, then taking opinions from the mufassir to which the reference is. The opinions presented are then combined into one result of a global understanding of the verse discussed. This understanding is part of the combination between interpretations in order to form a complete understanding of the theme studied. The application of the izdiwajiy method carried out by Sa'ad Abdul Wahid in al-Hidayah's interpretation is to combine several interpretations and conclude conclusions about the discussion. If the opinions are opposite then it will be taken the middle ground of each opinion and added a little strengthening attitude for the ummah. However, if the opinion is not contradictory and gets similar results, then it will only be added reinforcement in the hadith and for example in modern life.
doi:10.2991/assehr.k.220708.013 fatcat:ehx3mrr6q5h6jjw7snpswq5l4e