The various faces of intermediality in Lech Majewski's works INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMANITIES AND CULTURAL STUDIES ISSN 2356-5926

Ewelina Twardoch
2015 unpublished
The article examines the role of intermediality in the works of one of the most famous Polish directors, Lech Majewski, who also cooperates with foreign film studios and actors. In his movies, Majewski focuses mostly on the functions of paintings, thus his works are often inspired by great artists, such as Giorgio Chirico, Bosch, Breughel. Such great inspiration is also the reason for which the director tries to present paintings into the other media-as digital images and film. This combination
more » ... of different media is a really interesting and complex issue, and it is also a topic of the paper. In the paper, the author focuses on analysis of various faces of relations between different media (mostly between painting and digital movie) in Majewski's works; it shows intermedia and intramedia configurations and strategies and explains why intermediality is so special in the director's movies. The paper refers to selected theories of Hans Belting, Andrzej Gwóźdź, François Soulages, Ivonne Spielman and other thinkers, creating a theoretical background for the analysis of particular movies (especially The Garden of Earthly Delights, The Mill and the Cross, The Roe's Room).