RNase H1 and H2 are differentially regulated to eliminate RNA-DNA hybrids [article]

Arianna Lockhart, Vanessa Borges Pires, Fabio Bento, Vanessa Kellner, Sarah Luke-Glaser, Brian Luke
2019 bioRxiv   pre-print
SUMMARYRNA-DNA hybrids are tightly regulated to ensure genome integrity. The RNase H enzymes, RNase H1 and H2, contribute to chromosomal stability through the removal of RNA-DNA hybrids. Loss of RNase H2 function is implicated in human diseases of the nervous system and cancer. To better understand RNA-DNA hybrid dynamics, we have focused on elucidating the regulation of the RNase H enzymes themselves. Using yeast as a model system, we demonstrate that RNase H1 and H2 are controlled in
more » ... manners. RNase H2 is regulated in a strict cell cycle dependent manner, both in terms of its R-loop removal, and ribonucleotide excision repair functions. RNase H1, however, can function independent of cell cycle stage to remove R-loops, but appears to become activated in response to high R-loop loads. These results provide us with a more complete understanding of how and when RNA-DNA hybrids are acted upon by the RNase H enzymes.
doi:10.1101/593152 fatcat:4qt247ifwbdofotmaqcwwjszce