Removal of V and Fe from spent denitrification catalyst by using oxalic acid: Study of dissolution kinetics and toxicity

Wenfen Wu, Chenye Wang, Xingrui Wang, Huiquan Li
2020 Green Energy & Environment  
The selective dissolution of V and Fe from spent denitrification catalyst (SDC) with oxalic acid was investigated to minimise their environmental effects. The dissolution kinetics of different elements from SDC by using 0.1-1.5 mol/L oxalic acid concentration was studied at 60 °C to 90 °C. V and Fe were preferentially released (65% and 81%) compared with Al, Ti and W within 5 min due to the redox reactions of oxalic acid. The dissolved fractions of Fe, V, Al, W and Ti increased with increased
more » ... alic acid concentration and reaction temperature. The dissolution kinetic experiments were analysed and controlled diffusion with n < 0.5 according to the Avrami dissolve reaction model (R 2 > 0.92). The Arrhenius parameters of the E a values of Ti, W, V, Fe and Al from SDC with oxalic acid were 30, 26, 20, 19 and 11 kJ/mol, respectively. The obtained Avrami equation of V and Fe was successfully used to predict their leaching behaviour in oxalic acid. Toxicity characteristic leaching procedure revealed that the toxicity risk of V and Fe metals from SDC after leaching with oxalic acid decreased to below 5 mg/kg residua. Overall, the leaching residua by oxalic acid indicated its safety for the environment.
doi:10.1016/j.gee.2020.03.011 fatcat:6bbggu2kwrevnihgr4bwkgbm5u