Search for K+ decays to a muon and invisible particles

E. Cortina Gil, A. Kleimenova, E. Minucci, S. Padolski, P. Petrov, A. Shaikhiev, R. Volpe, T. Numao, Y. Petrov, B. Velghe, D. Bryman, J. Fu (+190 others)
2021 Physics Letters B  
The NA62 experiment at CERN reports searches for K + → μ + N and K + → μ + ν X decays, where N and X are massive invisible particles, using the 2016-2018 data set. The N particle is assumed to be a heavy neutral lepton, and the results are expressed as upper limits of O(10 −8 ) of the neutrino mixing parameter |U μ4 | 2 for N masses in the range 200-384 MeV/c 2 and lifetime exceeding 50 ns. The X particle is considered a scalar or vector hidden sector mediator decaying to an invisible final
more » ... e, and upper limits of the decay branching fraction for X masses in the range 10-370 MeV/c 2 are reported for the first time, ranging from O(10 −5 ) to O(10 −7 ). An improved upper limit of 1.0 × 10 −6 is established at 90% CL on the K + → μ + ννν branching fraction.
doi:10.1016/j.physletb.2021.136259 fatcat:6at2r53k6bcddfgkpbaztlrz7a