Modeling Deep Neural Networks For Breast Cancer Thermography Classification: A Review Study

Amira Hassan Abed, Essam M Shaaban
2021 International journal of advanced networking and applications  
Building up a breast cancer screening platform is vital to encourage early "Breast cancer" detection and treatment. Proposing a screening system utilizing clinical imaging methodology that doesn't cause body tissue harm (non-obtrusive) and doesn't include actual touch is a major challenge. Thermography, a "non-intrusive" and "non-contact" malignancy screening strategy, can recognize tumors at the beginning phase significantly under determined conditions by noticing temperature circulation in
more » ... two bosoms. The thermograms can be deciphered utilizing Deep learning models, for example, "convolutional neural networks (CNN)". CNNs can naturally group bosom thermograms into classifications, for example, ordinary and up-normal. In this work, we intend to cover the most significant studies identified with the usage of deep neural networks for bosom thermogram classification. As we accept that, an overview of breast thermogram possibilities shows that the early manifestations of bosom malignant can be seen by recognizing the asymmetrical warm dispersions between the bosoms. The asymmetrical warm appropriation on bosom thermograms can be assessed utilizing a computeraided platform that depended on deep learning models.
doi:10.35444/ijana.2021.13209 fatcat:opz7rlcjr5hy3dnvqnhtof2nf4