Report of the working group for polarization in the SSC main ring

Ronald D. Ruth
1986 AIP Conference Proceedings  
The task of the main ring working group was to study polarized beams in the SSC main ring. Many problems were studied; however, the primary emphasis was in the determination of the acceptable resonance strengths and the number of Siberian Snakes which would be necessary given those resonance strengths. During the workshop all of the members of the working group realized that there was much more work to be done and consequently there have been some changes in the general conclusions during the
more » ... llowing months. The present conclusion really reflects a balance between pessimism and optimism. At present we feel .:. that if the resonance strengths in the SSC main ring are kept below about 5, then about 78 Siberian Snakes would be sufficient to maintain polarization. However, since the calculations here indicate a quadratic dependence on the resonance strength, if resonance strengths could be kept below 3, then only about 26 snakes would be needed. These numbers are estimates, and with further calculation we may find a solution which lowers the number of Siberian Snakes. This paper should be viewed as a brief introduction to the problem and as a 'road map' to the many excellent contributions to these proceedings by the members of the working group.
doi:10.1063/1.35702 fatcat:mtdtyz5rffdfpgaqrvaazryjii