Search for Hidden Particles in Intensity Frontier Experiment SHiP

V. M. Gorkavenko
2019 Ukrainian Journal of Physics  
Despite the undeniable success of the Standard Model of particle physics (SM), there are some phenomena (neutrino oscillations, baryon asymmetry of the Universe, dark matter, etc.) that SM cannot explain. This phenomena indicate that the SM have to be modified. Most likely, there are new particles beyond the SM. There are many experiments to search for new physics that can be can divided into two types: energy and intensity frontiers. In experiments of the first type, one tries to directly
more » ... ce and detect new heavy particles. In experiments of the second type, one tries to directly produce and detect new light particles that feebly interact with SM particles. The future intensity frontier SHiP experiment (Search for Hidden Particles) at the CERN SPS is discussed. Its advantages and technical characteristics are given.
doi:10.15407/ujpe64.8.689 fatcat:oegqzqf4irfzllvsix7o2cpchm