S Z Fakir S K Auti N V Misal S A Najan S Z Fakir S K Auti N V Misal S A Najan, ijrbat
2021 International Journal of Researches in Biosciences and Agriculture Technology  
Energy is most necessary for economic and social development for every nation. Man had found out number of sources of energy resources form the past history. Convectional energy resources are the coal, petroleum and hydro-electricity. This energy resource has limitation. As per global demand of the energy, there are new non-conventional energy resources as the solar energy, wind energy, bio-gases etc. These non-convectional energy resources have efficiency than the conventional energy resource.
more » ... India had made his new energy policy on the basis of non-conventional energy resource. Solar energy and wind energy has more potential capacity inthis energy resource in India. India is one of the large productions of energy from renewable sources. India has installed electricity generation capacity form non-conventional energy is 39%. These non-convectional energy resources are the renewable type energy resources. It is eco-friendly energy resources. Due to it more capacity in production of electricity, cycle type utilization and low environment problems. It had lot of scope in the energy sector. .
doi:10.29369/ijrbat.2021.02.1.00037 fatcat:pdcqtmlspje6lnbs3hucfafoom