Der Zusammenhang von musikalischem Fähigkeitsselbstkonzept und musikpraktischen Kompetenzen in der Sekundarstufe I [article]

Florian Lill, Johannes Hasselhorn, Andreas C. Lehmann
The musical self-concept is important in music learning. In connection with motivational aspects, this self-concept may at the same time facilitate competence development and be moderated by evaluative processes. However, the relationship between musical self-concept and practical music competencies, often seen as an outcome of processes in music education, has not been well studied. The current study evaluates this relationship using a sample of N = 391 students from German secondary schools.
more » ... esults show a small but consistent relationship between musical self-concept and all three dimensions of practical music competencies. We discuss the relevance of our results in educational contexts. (DIPF/Orig.)
doi:10.25656/01:20711 fatcat:ggrnmf4435ejjmpyk47t3j4m3u