The Magnet in Medicine

1880 Scientific American  
AUGUST 21, r880.] I Citutifit �mtritnu. 113 criticism, as this made it ditlicult for the potter to obtain I testified that the point Df first explosion was nearly two ' ments were made at the Salpetriere in order to verify the just the kind or grade of clay he needed, the different quali· I miles from the" live" main containing gas. The new main facts collected together by M. Bllrq under the generic title ties frequently being mixed, so that there was no uniform -technically" dead" main-was
more » ... dead" main-was shut off from the live , main I of metallotherapy. After the results obtained by metallic standard. To remedy this it was said that clay miners must by means of a valve and cap, the cap being bolted on so that I I applications, it was natural to endeavor to throw some llght work their beds on a broader scale, so as to obtain a more there was no flow of gas from the live main to the dead one. , on these phenomena by varying the conditions of experiment even grade, as, even in the best strata, there were variations Everything was ready, however, to turn the gas into the ! ation. Jt was found that patients (especially those afflicted every few feet, and, by working in a small way, it was im-I uew main when the hcking length at the west end had been : with nervous diseases) were not only acted upon by plates of possible to prevent the mixing of the different qualities. laid. How the gas got into the main whieh was broken up different kinds of metals, but that like results were obtained The interesting archreological discoveries of Dr. Sehlie-is a mystery. In his testimony, the chief inspector of the , by the majority of physical agents, such as weak currents, mann and General Di Cesnola have, of late years, drawn gas company said: : static electricity, sonorous vibrations, differences of tempera more particular attention to ancient accomplishments in the "I was certainly not aware of there being gas in the main; I ture, magnetized bars, etc. It was soon found that magnet ceramic art, but, while so much interest is being developed but it did not occur to me to test it. I did not think gas ized bars were remarkable for the consistency of their action in the purely artistic side of the question, we hope the prac-had come there. The valve in Howland street was put in , and the facility with which they could be employed. It is tical department-that which tends to develop and enlarge under my superintendence, and I know that it was sound! not claimed that magnets are endowed with specific properan important home industry-will not be lost sight of. and proper. I have no doubt that the explosion was caused ties, but that tbey form part of a group of physical agents _ , • , .. through there being gas in the main to the westward. About which, in varying degrees, possess the same power as the
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican08211880-113d fatcat:qvqiak4u5jfhbfyylihf437lue