More about the Stereotype Process said to be Discovered in Paris

1850 Scientific American  
Scientific americau. ingenious and usefu� although a little more fitted having three wheels at equal distances expensive than the plans at present in use for on the circumference, and at such differences that purpose. A loom has been run with it Itt of elevation as will conform to the helical the rate of 200 picks per minute. have been taken to secure a patent. Measures New Helical Railway and Circular Charlo'. Capt. Robert Brown, of New Lond(m Conn., has invented a most important improvement
more » ... r shooting and capturing w hlLles. It is well known that there are some whales found 011 M. Chltmery, of Paris, has invented a new kind of railway, which presents some exceedingly form of the rail, and at the Bame time preserve the horizontal plane of the platform. A round vertical shaft is placed in the .centre of the pit, and passes through the centre platform, and revolves in a suita.ble step at the bottom. This shaft extends upward to a considerable dis tance, and is operated by spur gearing, which,
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican04271850-252g fatcat:vmp6hqjlorcjhn7rsewsxx5mxu