Gizemnur ÇETİN
2021 International Journal of Language Academy  
In this study, a total of 883 issues were examined, starting from the first issue of Varlık magazine published on July 15, 1933, until the death of Yaşar Nabi Nayır on March 15, 1981, and Nayır's articles about theater published in the magazine were tried to be compiled. Yaşar Nabi Nayır is one of the most important intellectuals in the history of Turkish culture and literature, who closely followed every development regarding Turkish theater, watched the performances personally, and was
more » ... the Grand Prize of the Ministry of Culture for his great services to the Turkish broadcasting life. For this reason, his views on theater are extremely important. Yaşar Nabi closely followed every development in Turkish theater in a period of nearly half a century and wrote his views and reviews about the theater in Varlık magazine. It is possible to follow the change, development and progress of Turkish theater over time, as well as the mistakes made in this progress process, by examining these writings of Yaşar Nabi. Yaşar Nabi systematically presented criticism in these writings and made various programmed suggestions for the development of theatre. The scattered articles in the various issues of Varlık magazine during the 48-year period were brought together through this study and a holistic perspective on the subject was tried to be formed. The study was created by analyzing the documents examined within the scope of qualitative research method. While the author's ideas are being processed, the author's thoughts have been tried to be conveyed by giving as little space as possible to personal views and comments in order to avoid deviations in meaning. In order to follow the development in Turkish theater correctly, the articles were tried to be given in chronological order.
doi:10.29228/ijla.53912 fatcat:svzfg5kmhnb5zooixwpzfcpbc4