The Body-Artist in the Aesthetic Tone of Corporal Education
El cuerpo-artista en tono estético de la educación corporal

Carmen Emilia García-Gutiérrez
2013 Educación y Educadores  
The body-artist with respect to the aesthetic tone of corporal education is approached in this study from a teaching perspective. For the authors, this space becomes a specific imperative that allows them to make connections between the body and education. Aesthetic considerations, sensory knowledge, the body as a plural field of forces, education thinking and the body-artist are necessary roundabouts to give pedagogic significance to the subject of the body in education as relates to certain
more » ... nsiderations of an aesthetic nature associated with sensory knowledge. The body is regarded from the standpoint of education in a formative sense as an activity that deals with people's subjectivity and with ways of life. The methodology used is consistent with the hermeneutic phenomenological approach and the study is theoretical and documentary in nature. Documentary research is a spiral process of inquiry into the problem under study that centers on analysis, criticism and interpretation -hermeneusis-of documents or written texts. The body-artist conceives the world as an aesthetic phenomenon, gives shape, gives values and takes possession. In other words, creative processes are seen in activities particular to the world. Reality consists of ways of doing and creating, which makes it an aesthetic process. Ways of doing result in creation without predetermined patterns. The world is a hectic evolution where forms emerge and disappear.
doi:10.5294/edu.2013.16.2.8 fatcat:rzhlahd2ujdvfkgwnorli5zrba