Factors in Cure of Subclinical S. Aureus After Dry Cow Therapy

J. Sol, J. Harink, Y. H. Schukken, J. J. Snoep
Drying off cows with antibiotics is carried out to cure subclinical mastitis and to prevent new infections. The cure rate of pathogenic streptococci in the udder is about 90% in the Netherlands. For S. aureus this is much lower (average about 60%). Various factors, which affect this rather low cure rate are already discussed (4,5). In this paper the results are presented of a detailed statistical analysis of the cure rate of 406 S. aureus infected quarters from 283 cows on 73 farms. French and German summaries on PDF
doi:10.21423/aabppro19926500 fatcat:j3rvqiptozarzg3sf5tlnsnlbi