Analogical and Inductive Inference 1992 (Dagstuhl Seminar 9241)

Robert P. Daley, Ulrich Furbach, Klaus Peter Jantke
J. Barzdin (1974) has proved that there are classes of total recursive functions which are EX identi able but their union is not. We prove that there are no 3 classes U1, U2, U3 such that U1 U U2, U1 U U3, and U2 U U3 would be in 0d but U1 U U2 U U3 ¢ \$ For FIN-identi cation there are 3 classes with the above mentioned property and there are no 4 classes U1, U2, U3, U4 such that all 4 unions of triples of these classes would be identi able but the union of all 4 classes would not. For identi
more » ... tion with no more than p mindchanges a (2""'2 1)-tuple of such classes do exist but there is no (2""")-tuple with the above mentioned property.
doi:10.4230/dagsemrep.49 fatcat:4fxisxoworcofjzxmiza4d62ce