Head-On Collision of Trains in Los Angeles, Cal

1902 Scientific American  
previously lowered to the ocean bed i-r-om anchor wells in the bottQm of the boat. These anchors serve a o.ouble purpose, inasmuch as they, as well as a large section of the keel of the vessel, may, in the event of accident, be cast adrift, and the boat thus lightened will, of course, rise to the surface. A unique feature of the Lake type of submarine boat is found in the fact that the craft is equipped for travel upon the bottom of the ocean, being fitted with two large steel wheels which are
more » ... l wheels which are fitted on the keel line, one in advance of the other, and which may be
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican11221902-347 fatcat:ybvwyz6n7zhvho3rfgl2gbpm4q