Control of Red-Tide Organisms, Especially the Genus Chattonella by the Chemical Acrinol

Muhammad Shahidul HAQ, Koji NOZAWA, Yoshio ONOUE, Seigo MATSUMOTO, Takayuki ARAMAKI
1991 Aquaculture Science  
The chemical Acrinol was first introduced to protect cultured fish from toxicity effects of the phytof lagellates Chattonella spp. Cultured Chattonella cells were inactivated in the presence of Acrinol as low as 5 ppm with no abnormality in fish behaviours. A field test also indicated that this chemical was effective to protect the young yellowtail Seriola quinqueradiata from Chattonella red tides occurring in Yatsushiro Sea.
doi:10.11233/aquaculturesci1953.39.141 fatcat:iung2cqggzdydd2dt2fsvkjdji