Experimental study of inertioelastic Couette–Taylor instability modes in dilute and semidilute polymer solutions

Olivier Crumeyrolle, Innocent Mutabazi, Michel Grisel
2002 Physics of Fluids  
Mixing remains a challenging task in microfluidic channels because of their inherently small length scale. In this work, we propose an efficient microfluidic mixer based on the chaotic vortex dynamics of a viscoelastic flow in a straight channel with side wells. When the inertia and elasticity of a dilute polymer solution are balanced (i.e., the Reynolds number Re and Weissenberg number Wi are both on the order of 10 1 ), chaotic vortices appear in the side wells (inertio-elastic flow
more » ... y), enhancing the mixing of adjacent fluid streams. However, there is no chaotic vortex motion in Newtonian flows for any flow rate. Efficient mixing by such an inertio-elastic instability is found to be relevant for a wide range of Re values. V C 2016 AIP Publishing LLC. [http://dx.
doi:10.1063/1.1466837 fatcat:7jfligsfirhl7k7pxyz2om7agi