Total dose effects on negative voltage regulator

J. Beaucour, T. Carriere, A. Gach, D. Laxague
1994 IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science  
Functional failure at low dose level (4 Krad(Si)) on voltage regulators (LM137) from different manufacturers are analysed. Dose rate effects on parts hardness are evaluated, showing that lowering the dose rate degrade more the ICs in the range 55 rad(Si)/s-0,s rad(Si)/s A failure mechanism is proposed, mainly based on circuit analysis, voltage contrast measurements, local irradiation and local electrical measurements with probe station. A spice simulation was performed, providing quantitative
more » ... ding quantitative informations on the degradation. In the light of such a failure analysis and dose rate Pagure (Saclay, France) panoramic Cobalt60 source of 20 000 Ci located few kilometres away from VBlizy plant. Remote testing were performed in VBlizy using LTS 2020 automatic tester from Analog Devices, Digital Signal Analyser DSA601 from Tekmnic and HP4172 from Helwett Packard. Delay between irradiation and remote testing is kept below one hour. Local irradiation are performed using scanning transmission electron microscope JEOL JSM840 with electron energy up to 40 Kev. Contrast voltage potential measurement were carried out using a IDS Shlumberger tester. Probing measurements were performed using Wentworth probe station MP900 and HP4145 from Helwett Packard. effects, practical implications on radiation assurance are discussed.
doi:10.1109/23.340597 fatcat:wi4pw4a5mrgkfeb4vuzfdftw4i