IRJIF IMPACT FACTOR: 3.015 North Asian International research

Rama Singh, Ahmad Bilal, Malik, Mani Nagendra, Trapathi, Adgaonkar Ganesh, Somanath Reddy, R Sharma, R Pandday, Head, C Raman, Moinuddin Khan (+16 others)
2017 Journal consortiums North Asian International Research Journal Social Science and Humanities is a research journal   unpublished
Sustainable development based research and education is the back bone of a nation. Moreover, sustainable development policies highlight the role of education which has become the need of the day to create the awareness among the students, researchers and teachers as well as in local communities for environment protection. The present paper gives an overview regarding the role of research and higher education in the development of a country in sustainable manner. Attempts have also been made to
more » ... ummarise the status of higher education system in the country and various national and state funding agencies which are working for the R & D programmes in the country.