Antioxidant Compounds from Agro-Industrial Residue [chapter]

Beatriz Hernández-Carlos, Norma Francenia Santos-Sánchez, Raúl Salas-Coronado, Claudia Villanueva-Cañongo, Paula Cecilia Guadarrama-Mendoza
2019 Antioxidants [Working Title]  
Agro-industrial residues are a potential source of antioxidant compounds, which in general are phenolic compounds with a large chemical variability. The structure and the complexity of the phenolic compounds (polyphenols) determine their antioxidant capacity, pretreatments, and extraction methods. This chapter gives an overview of the chemical complexity of the phenolic compounds found in extractable and non-extractable fractions of agro-industrial residues, and representative compounds that
more » ... present in such residues are shown. Moreover, extraction methods described in this review showed the use of nonconventional technologies and chemical, enzymatic, or thermic treatments, useful to transform non-extractable polyphenols (NEP) to extractable polyphenol (EP) and then apply the EP extraction methods and recover antioxidants.
doi:10.5772/intechopen.85184 fatcat:unaceoj2d5bxjnuebmcq2clgl4