Design of Voltage Multiplier based on Charge Pump using Modified Voltage Doubler Circuit
배전압 회로를 적용한 변형된 Charge Pump 기반 전압 증배기 설계

Hyeop-Goo Yeo
2012 The Journal of the Korean Institute of Information and Communication Engineering  
This paper introduces a new DC-DC voltage multiplier using a Dickson's charge pump and a modified voltage doubler. The voltage obtained from a conventional Dickson's chrage pump was reused for accelerating the voltage multiplication and the architecture of the proposed voltage multiplier would not decrease the device reliability of DMOS. The proposed 6-stage voltage multiplier generates about 33V with 3V voltage source. To evaluate the proposed voltage multiplier, simulations were performed
more » ... were performed with Magna DMOS technology. The simulated voltage multiplication agrees well with a theoretical value, therefore, this paper introduces a new fast voltage multiplier with minimum devices. 키워드 전압 증배기, Dickson's charge pump, 배전압 회로, DMOS Key word Voltage Multiplier, Dickson's charge pump, voltage doubler, DMOS O pen Access http://dx.
doi:10.6109/jkiice.2012.16.8.1741 fatcat:obwz2ewvabgpnex5o4n25blevm