Enhanced Adaptively Space-Time-View Error Concealment for 3D Multi-View Video Transmission over Noisy Channels

Walid El- Shafai
2013 IOSR Journal of Computer Engineering  
Decoding of 3D multi-view video coded bit-streams that are transmitted over noisy channels can suffer from error propagation in the space, time and view domains. To improve the quality of reconstructed 3D video, we propose adaptive Error Concealment (EC) algorithms to conceal the erroneous blocks of intra-coded and inter-coded frames. Our proposed algorithms adapt to the motion characteristics of the 3D video and to the error patterns. We propose three adaptive EC algorithms for intra-frames,
more » ... ich are Adaptive Time Domain Error Concealment (ATDEC), Adaptive Space Domain Error Concealment (ASDEC) and a hybrid Adaptive Space-Time Domain Error Concealment (ASTDEC). We also propose three adaptive EC algorithms for interframes, which are Adaptive Inter-View Domain Error Concealment (AIVDEC), Adaptive Time Domain Error Concealment (ATDEC) and joint Adaptive Time and Inter-View Domain Error Concealment (ATIVDEC). Our simulation results show that the proposed adaptive EC algorithms can significantly improve the objective and subjective 3D video quality transmitted over noisy channels.
doi:10.9790/0661-0936775. fatcat:sqwizldoizftxbatmw3vz6eapa