Hydrodynamic correlation functions in nematic liquid crystals. Propagating modes

Debra L. Carle, William G. Laidlaw, Hendrick N. W. Lekkerkerker
1978 Journal of the Chemical Society Faraday Transactions 2 Molecular and Chemical Physics  
The spectral densities of nematic liquid crystals are calculated in the hydrodynamic limit with particular reference to those spectral densities that play a role in the Brillouin lines of the light scattering spectrum. It is found that the contribution of the mixed pressure-director fluctuations to the intensity of the Brillouin lines is comparable to that of the pure pressure fluctuations. Exploitation of this feature allows, in principle, the determination of the flow-director coupling
more » ... t from the angular dependence of the intensity of the Brillouin lines.
doi:10.1039/f29787401158 fatcat:anx4bhhvgnghnbmj2vd5shezm4