Polycondensation of Tetrahydrofuran with Phthalic Anhydride Induced By a Proton Exchanged Montmorillonite Clay

Mohammed Ferrahi, Mohammed Belbachir
2003 International Journal of Molecular Sciences  
Maghnite" a montmorillonite sheet silicate clay, exchanged with protons to produce "H-Maghnite" is an efficient catalyst for polymerization of many vinylic and heterocyclic monomers (Belbachir, M. U.S. Patent. 066969.0101 -2001). The structure compositions of both "Maghnite" and "H-Maghnite" have been developed. This catalyst was used for the polycondensation of the tetrahydrofuran with phthalic anhydride. The polymerization was performed under suitable conditions at temperature (40°C), in
more » ... nce of acetic anhydride. Experiments revealed that polymerization induced by "H-Maghnite", proceed in bulk and the conversion increases with increasing "H-Maghnite" proportion.
doi:10.3390/i4060312 fatcat:xlmpjsgqbjennbsy7vbix6py2q