Jurnal Tarbiyatuna Volume 2 Nomor 1 Januari

Djunaidi Dosen, Tetap Stit, Ibnu Malang
2017 unpublished
Education is the most strategic way to enhance quality of humance resources. The improvement of education is also determined by principals leadership. As a part of management function, leadership is also determine the goal achievement. Successfull principals leadership activity is affected many factors, including the good relationship between staff and leader, leader backgroud, maturity and latitude in social relationship, and humanity attitudes. Thus, effective school leader is who competent
more » ... is who competent to be the role model of their subordinat. Beside that, principals must be understand with four leadership styles: authoritarian; pseudo-democratic; laizes faire (free style) and democratic. Principals need to have competencies: fleksibility, change impelementation, interpersonal understanding, empowering, team facilitation, dan portability.