Shahid Eqbal
2017 International Journal of Engineering Science Invention Research & Development   unpublished
There are several approaches and various methods developed by researchers for computer aided diagnosis of brain tumour problems. Depending on the type of brain tumour, each of the brain pathologies requires a particular approach to follow in order to characterise the disease. Since the focus of this paper is on brain tumour diagnosis & classification, one way is by measuring the characteristics of these tumour masses, we can predict their aggressive behaviour (i.e. how high is their metabolic
more » ... tivity). There could be early signs of cancer so one should try to investigate whether they are benign or malignant. Major approaches in brain tumour detection and classification are discussed in this paper. MRI is the most important technique, in detecting the brain tumor. A new algorithm is purposed which is a combination of support vector machine (SVM) and fuzzy c-means, a hybrid technique for prediction of brain tumors, which gives accurate and more effective result for classification of brain MRI images.