Smart Building: Application of Intelligent Concept Through Upgrading Strategy and A Responsive Approach as A Catalyst of Change to Smart Integration Concept

Ahmed Adel Ismail, Mohamed Momen Afifi
2019 Engineering Research Journal  
Post occupancy stage is from the most essential stage in Smart integrated building as its directly touchable to residents. Smart technology integrated through building life cycle; starting from Design stage, execution, and ends with operation stage. a real measurement is made by the self-smart actuation to measure many features: functional, physical. Technical, environmental, and many other aspects that directly affect human comfort. a lot of designers focus on smart aspect without a real
more » ... e research on how to integrate smart techniques and principles in the design stage. Therefore, this research aims to signify smart principles in detailed and how to consolidate the smart concept during building lifecycle. The diversity in opinions about the smart architecture and what the architecture smartness is (Is smart really smart?) and its technological conductivity is the main catalyst to search in smart technology, identifying its countenance and its relationship with eco-friendly determent and building learning ability. This research is based on the author"s independent scientific thinking on the essence of the intelligent concept, for the purpose of establishing and debating for the smart concept. Furthermore, it"s affiliated the historical review. This technological debate offers a new orientation to the designers and provides extensive and enormous range to design such "SMART BUILDING". A criterion was utilized as a process that simulates international standards through elaborated evaluation criteria, that path with all project from Design, Construction, and ends with operation, to analyze smart features embedded in the building. Mohamed Momen Afifi/et al /Engineering Research Journal 163 (September 2019) A16 -A35 A17 Decisions were drawn according to international and local standards, and an actual map implemented in integrating such a smart feature, and a new method arises and starts to take its first step global. A robust of choices were left for architects to attain this approach aiming in creating an intelligent cooperating approach that drops economical expenses and offer a brilliant life for human beings.
doi:10.21608/erj.2019.122500 fatcat:ksxnsgsuybfavkbzfdbnsm35sy