Selected Toxic Heavy Metals Levels in Vegetables, Soil and Irrigation Water at Awashriver, Ginchi Town, West Shoa Zone, Ethiopia

2020 Chemistry and Materials Research  
The levels of selected heavy metals (Cr, Cd and Pb) have been determined in cabbage, onion, soil and Awash river used for irrigation have been investigated. The cabbage, onion, soil and Awash River water samples were collected from the farmlands around Ginchi Town of West Shoa Zone in which the Anmol Ethiopia PLC, a paper industry, were there. The samples were digested using properly optimized wet digestion procedures. The metal contents were analyzed using Flame Atomic Emission Spectroscopy
more » ... ion Spectroscopy (FAES). However, Cd and Pb were not detected in all samples. Likewise, the highest level in onion samples was, Cr(0.59 mg/L). High concentrations of Cr (71.85 mg/Kg) were detected in soil samples on which the Onion vegetable was gown, while the corresponding values of Cr detected in the Onion sample itself was 59.35 mg/Kg. The levels of selected metals in downstream water (after effluent from Anmol Production Ethiopia PLC is mixed with Awash River) samples used for irrigation. It can be concluded that, Cr in both soil onion and onion exceeded the FAO limit of maximum recommended level vegetable plant, so that the consumption of this Onion might cause hazards with respective to Cr and hence care must be taken.
doi:10.7176/cmr/12-2-04 fatcat:o2dfphwehfewfki3v6vuoyqmwa