Cross-cultural discussions in a 3D virtual environment and their affordances for learners' motivation and foreign language discussion skills

Kristi Jauregi, Leena Kuure, Pim Bastian, Dennis Reinhardt, Tuomo Koivisto
2015 Critical CALL – Proceedings of the 2015 EUROCALL Conference, Padova, Italy   unpublished
Within the European TILA 6 project a case study was carried out where pupils from schools in Finland and the Netherlands engaged in debating sessions using the 3D virtual world of OpenSim once a week for a period of 5 weeks. The case study had two main objectives: (1) to study the impact that the discussion tasks undertaken in a virtual environment have on the discussion skills and motivations of high school pupils, and (2) to explore how the presence of a peer from a different culture might
more » ... luence the discussions and pupils' engagement. The discussion tasks in virtual worlds were very much appreciated by the participants. Telecollaboration, or the possibility to interact with pupils across borders, was found to have an additional motivational effect on pupils. Even if participants with varying linguistic resources may successfully work together in many authentic situations, telecollaboration in a Lingua Franca with focus on debates, for example, requires careful matching of the participants according to their proficiency levels. Otherwise the experience might increase anxiety levels of the less proficient pupils. ISBN13: 978-1-908416-28-5 (Paperback -Print on demand, black and white) Print on demand technology is a high-quality, innovative and ecological printing method; with which the book is never 'out of stock' or 'out of print'. ISBN13: 978-1-908416-29-2 (Ebook, PDF, colour) ISBN13: 978-1-908416-30-8 (Ebook, EPUB, colour) Legal deposit, Ireland:
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2015.000345 fatcat:nauujc6uubhadcfaldhqwyb7nm